Where are we today

Posted by zot on February 25th, 2010 filed in architecture, P2P, PAST, Plexus
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OK, it’s been a while.

It seems like it, but Plexus is not actually dead. The most recent development on Plexus-proper was in Oct 2008. In 2009, I started working on a new open source p2p platform, called Xus, to address the networking problems we experienced when we worked with Pastry.  I blog about Xus here.  Here is the source and here is the readme.  It’s fairly ambitious, for a one person open source project.  I have the bottom two layers of the architecture working and I’m doing the file sharing now (Git + bittorrent + rsync).  I also have some monitoring working with it.  I’d like Xus to be very easy to work with for developers, with diagnostic tools, firewall configuration aids, and what-not.  When I have reasonable functionality with file sharing, I will return to the Plexus project and change it to use Xus instead of Pastry.  By the way, it’s called Xus because it’s the back-end of Plexus :).

Next on the list is switching from Groovy to Scala.  This is because Scala is around 20 times faster and provides all of the advantages of strong typing, but its type inferencing removes most of the pain.  It has a lot of support for functional programming too, and other cool things like actors and packrat parser combinators.

So, that’s the update.  Xus first, then Scala.


Posted by The Ancient Goat on October 11th, 2008 filed in Plexus

In case you haven’t noticed, we have set up a forum especially  for the Plexus community. Have any questions, suggestions or contributions for us? Sign up, and we’ll be sure to answer!

Gui explanation

Posted by The Ancient Goat on October 6th, 2008 filed in Plexus

Here are a labled gui to help explain how to set Plexus up. Check the full image by clicking on the thumbnail.

Latest DF Map Importer version

Posted by The Ancient Goat on October 4th, 2008 filed in Mapping
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Here are a few screens of how the latest version looks.

Ramps get created now, unfortunately they only face one direction.

Took 20 mins to generate 🙁

Here’s a little messed up vid : Messed up screencap, heh

To Do: (minor)

Get ramps facing right directions

Get stairs to work.

Map more textures, models

To Do: (major)

Octree – ogz importing (this will allow for very fast imports out of sauer)

Real time importing (see if I can work something out with the livis crew/code)

What’s Going On?

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During the week of the TEAM CTHULHU summit (Fur came to Zot’s house for a week) and the week after, we have been hard at work “turd polishing,” getting Plexus ready for the first “extended beta” release.  We’re VERY excited about that, but more on that when it’s ready :).  If you want to be more up-to-date, tune in to our repository log and you can check out our rapidly changing todo list/project plan, which is in our repository wiki.  We use TiddlyWiki for our project wiki.  Jeremy Ruston wrote it and he’s awesome.  The wiki lives in our project repository in a single web page, so you can see it change with the versions :).  There are some items that seem appropriate to me to put in our repository wiki, rather than on plubble for one reason or another, so I’ll just put a pointer to them here.

Here is a post about our new implementation of mobile code, which allows you to attach Groovy scripts and libraries to your maps.  It’s more than that though.  Check it out if you are interested in leveraging the potential of peer-to-peer networking…

And here is a post of our old philosophy document from the p2pmud project.  This is here because Plexus continues with the same philosophy.  P2PMud was our 2D, dynamic HTML, peer-to-peer MUD.  It was a neat MUD — it lived in a single web page (using some code from tiddlywiki) and used AJAX to communicate with other peoples’ MUDS in their browsers.  Anyway, Plexus is more-or-less an extension of that, which was an extension of other projects, leading back to the first MUD we wrote in September of 1988.

If you want to comment on these two, please put your comments here, even though the posts are in the repository wiki!

September of 1988?  Oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag?  This release will indeed be TEAM CTHULHU’s 20th anniversary release!

Happy 20th anniversary TEAM CTHULHU!

New wicked cool GUI!

Posted by fur on September 22nd, 2008 filed in Plexus, TEAM CTHULHU
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Major props to zot for pulling off our new GUI. Check out the snazzy new look and feel. Now getting this all working, especially the translucent shadow behind the window was a real pain in the you-know-what!

Our mascot Cthulhu stands guard over the the application, and clicking him will close it down. Grab his mighty tentacles below to use his awesome powers to resize the window to your liking.

Kudos also to a few elite Java hackers James Williams and Dmitry Bondarenko and Anthony Petrov without whose web pages we never would have gotten it all to work properly!

DF Mapimporter – Now with textures!

Posted by The Ancient Goat on September 18th, 2008 filed in Mapping
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Grass, and barren stone.. Hopefully we can get the ramps sorted out, then we can move on to further aestheic improvements.



Posted by fur on September 15th, 2008 filed in TEAM CTHULHU
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In preparation for our 20th anniversary release this month, we got some TEAM CTHULHU jumpsuits.  We are so dead sexy in these bad boys, we now even wear them outside of the house!

furroy pimping it above.

zot pimpin it above.

and our supa-sexay logo on the back!

anyone else with balls big enough to be seen in public dressed like this, just let us know!

Randolph Carter Update

Posted by fur on September 10th, 2008 filed in Modelling, Plexus

Randolph got a make over too last night after a lot more hardwork on Theo’s part! Please note, the goofy texture on his clothes and missing hands is just me screwing around since the real one isn’t ready yet. Just wanted to test his UV and normal maps, which are looking excellent!

Yith update

Posted by fur on September 10th, 2008 filed in Modelling, Plexus
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Well I figured out a couple issues with my Yith model, so I thought I’d show him off again! I got the normal maps and his first animation imported! He looks SO CREEPY! It’s awesome. Now I need to go back and finish up his UV mapping and make some real animations for him.